Hey Entrepreneur!

Are you ready to move forward today?

Let’s create a six figure business that will grow into a million dollar brand.

Hey Entrepreneur!

Are you ready to move forward today?

Let’s create a six figure business that will grow into a million dollar brand.

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Startup Budget

Business Plan

Marketing Plan

Understand Financing Options

Year One Action Plan (YOAP)

Succession Plan

About This Course

Let’s make your dreams a reality and dedicate nine weeks to your business goals. This course will help you create the six-figure business that you’ve always wanted, and for current business owners it will assist you by ensuring you have the necessary tools to be successful in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Investing in this course will provide you with a solid foundation to develop a business that can evolve into a million dollar brand.

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“The goal in life is to find money doing the things you love and entrepreneurship is the way to do it.”

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Who's this course for?

First Time Entrepreneurs

These are first time start up entrepreneurs who have never been through this process before. The e-course provides you with the tools needed to understand the entrepreneurship process while ensuring compliance, accountability, proper planning and insight on how to have a successful first time business venture.

Re-Inventing Entrepreneurs

These are the entrepreneurs who are 5 years or more in the CEO game and looking for a new direction in the current company. The approach for you is one that includes envisioning the rebirth of your business and finding ways to become that millionaire you’ve always wanted to be.

New Business

These are my entrepreneurs who are not new to this, they are true to this. It’s time for another company that is aligned with your values and legacy. We will approach it as a new business venture and allow it to create the additional stream of income that you are seeking with a quick return on investment.

people love htb 1o1!


“She gave me a solid foundation on how to be an entrepreneur and she gave me very specific information that was targeted towards my entrepreneurial needs.”

“When I started my business with only $250, I took her course and I was able to make over $20,000 in my first six months, while managing the business part-time and still working in my full-time job.”

“I would recommend this e-course to anybody that is trying to be successful in business. Allyson encouraged me so much through understanding the process of building a six-figure business, and I just thrived off it.”

Why You Can Trust Me


Allyson Renee Scrutchens

  • 9+ Years of Entrepreneurship
  • Experience & Successful Serial Entrepreneur
  • Hundreds of Student, Client and Mentee Success Stories
  • Management of Multi-Million Dollar Brands

Author and Serial Entrepreneur Allyson Scrutchens wants everyone to be able to develop sustainable businesses that can lead to generational wealth. She developed this course in 2015, and has taught hundreds of individuals (youngest age of 9 and oldest age of 59) entrepreneurship across the country from the Midwest to the west coast, east coast and even down south. Allyson will soon teach this curriculum globally in 2024 through partnering with the Samaan Village in Ghana. Due to the amazing success rates of her past students, she is launching this online version of the 9-week course. She will be teaching this course Ghana in 2024.

E-Course Options


$ 333
  • Nine Week Course
  • Startup Budget & Forecast
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Year One Action Plan (YOAP)
  • Access to Entrepreneurship Community
  • 3-weeks of course provided upon each monthly payment (only with payment side)

Pay in Full

One & Done
$ 999
  • Nine Week Course
  • Startup Budget & Forecast
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Year One Action Plan (YOAP)
  • Access to Entrepreneurship Community
  • Full 9-week course upon payment (only with pay in full side)
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching (only with pay in full side)

Overcome Common Entrepreneurial Pain Points with These Proven Strategies!

Challenges acquiring customers?
  • Conduct market research to better understand your target audience and their needs.
  • Develop a targeted marketing strategy using channels that will reach your audience effectively.
  • Consider pricing strategies to carve out market share and attract new customers.
Difficulty standing out in a crowded market?
  • Conduct market research to identify gaps and niches
  • Develop a strong brand identity and message
  • Utilize digital marketing channels, such as social media and SEO
  • Offer unique or personalized products or services
Limited resources and funding?
  • Seek out government grants, venture capitalists or angel investors
  • Apply for small business loans
  • Consider bootstrapping and self-funding
  • Look for free or low-cost resources, such as open-source software, coworking spaces, and networking events
Balancing work and personal life
  • Set clear boundaries and prioritize tasks
  • Outsource or delegate tasks where possible
  • Practice self-care and make time for personal activities
  • Stay organized and manage time effectively

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a total of 9 virtual classes that can be accessed.

You can access the business coaching if you purchase the $999 package through videoask. Monthly packages purchased do not have access to the additional business coaching.

There is homework that will be required to complete after each class. The homework allows you to show how disciplined you are to your business goals because each assignment is valuable to your entrepreneurial journey. The assignments will allow you to invest time into the vision and goals of the business so you can properly execute each step that is necessary to be successful.  

All classes included with this package are virtual. There will be workshops offered in the future. 

Once you make your purchase you will gain access to our Facebook group.

9 class courses

Homework and accountability 

Online community 

Additional business coaching during course for $999 package

Completion of business goals if truly dedicated …

This course gives you a step by step foundational guide to ensure that you are developing a successful business that can become a million dollar empire with the tools that will be provided during this 9-week e-course. This course is a tool box for all entrepreneurs that are looking for a turnkey approach to creating a six-figure business in 24 months.

Enroll today and gain the knowledge and skills to succeed.

You can and will become the successful entrepreneur that you want to be. The time is now to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

My goal in life is to empower people through information and I believe the only way to achieve true financial freedom is through entrepreneurship.

I built my multi six-figure company from scratch, and I enjoy teaching other entrepreneurs how to do the same.

Are you ready to move forward today?